What is the exterior design patent license terms

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What is the exterior design patent license terms

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The Patent in San Ramon award appearance design, with the application date shall be used has been publicly disclosed in publications in domestic or has been publicly used designs are not the same and no approximation. Exterior design must be attached to specific products, thus "are not the same" not only refers to the shape or pattern, color or their combination design itself, and the design of products that are not the same. "No," application of approximate requirements Patent in San Ramon of existing appearance design is not the shape and appearance design pattern, color, or the combination of simple imitation or small change. Similar appearance design includes the following conditions: the shape or pattern, color, the same products, Shape or pattern, color, product approximate, Shape or pattern, color, the products are approximate.
Patent in San Ramon of the design must be granted for industrial application. This design itself as well as required by the carrier to the methods of industrial products, which can be repeated in industrial production.
Patent in San Ramon of the design must be granted aesthetic feeling. Beauty is the exterior design from the visual perception of feeling happy, and whether the product function of advanced not necessarily linked. Rich aesthetic appearance design in product market plays an important role in.

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