The solution to the using CO CD/DVD duplicator problems

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The solution to the using CO CD/DVD duplicator problems Empty The solution to the using CO CD/DVD duplicator problems

Post  Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 12:34 am

Because once only use a CO CD/DVD duplicator disown blank. Solution is the right mouse button point CO CD/DVD duplicator, choose the dish, then choose attribute (recording) TAB, (in the equipment before opening CD record), then you tick the CO CD/DVD duplicator became the default duplication. Similarly, if want to use CO CD/DVD duplicator so tick switch.

CO CD/DVD duplicator of fever mainly from the following aspects: 1) the thermal emission laser head, 2) data processing chip heat when, 3) motor high-speed need more current supply in the circuit fever. CO CD/DVD duplicator on DVD duplication when the heat would read much larger than the CD, need to do better in the heat of the guard. The CO CD/DVD duplicator is adopted, strengthen the mechanism of steel of thermal stability, At the same time, the floor of the heat of the big heat conduction sponge on chip, through the backplane exposure to floor area to the heat, this is your feeling is hot appearance.

Another is to advise you, from the duplicateing rate and duplicate quality, do not break for computer accessories for duplicateing, it is not a thing, what good things. Had better be to be in duplicateing after several blanks, so let the machine to rest for either duplicate rate, or photographs plate of maintenance, are good.

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